IELTS雅思寫作 Task 2範例:5.5分-菁英雅思補習班

Student's Name:劉同學(02110704017) 

Date of Essay:2018-08-10

【Task 2 Topic】
Every year several languages die out. Some people think that this not important because life will be easier if there are fewer languages in the world.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? 


With the extinction of some lesser-used languages, it seems that people have been inclined to speak some specific languages. Would it really make individuals to live in an easier life? This essay will elaborate both of views. Don’t ask questions in academic writing. Indicate your opinion to let me know what’s to come.

In the ancient period of time, there were diverse of populations with their unique mother tongues. For instance, there were a lot of aboriginal tribes with using their own native languages in the world. What the merits are to enhance social cohesion since only the same population speaks one unique language. In addition, the diversity of languages use also includes the cultural identities and values. According to some cultural experts and anthropologists, those who speak their native language well are much more respect and appreciate their ancestors.You need a concluding sentence saying the language can help people preserve their cultural heritage.

However, with the revolution of transportation and communication, opportunities of interacting with foreigners are rose have risen. One might argue that it will be much more convenient and efficient to contact with others with fewer languages as one can lower save the time to guess the real meaning from a person speaking a different language  whom one is talking to. Furthermore, since there are fewer languages spoken, tourists do not need to spend time learning extra native languages when they circumnavigate around the world.

As is known to all,
there are fewer  a few languages have replaced some lesser used ones to become the mainstream language in those countries domestic. Despite the university utilization, I would still prefer to learn other tongue, even they are lesser used, since to understand more different words and sentences sometimes would make me feel more confident myself. You should NOT express this in the conclusion! This needed to be in the main body! What's more, through the learning, I could discover different cultures and broaden my horizon as well. Owing to these reasons, I do not totally agree that if there are fewer languages, we could live in an easier way.

=======MARK  AS BELOW ========


Task: 5 Coherence, cohesion: 5.5 Lexical: 6 Grammatical range/accuracy:5
Score: 5.5


IELTS Mock Test Writing Assessment (Task 2)

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Task Response
(for Task 2)


You need to use formal register in academic writing.

Asking your readers questions to introduce a topic is too informal. Instead of saying you would look at both sides of argument at the end of your intro, gain more marks by indicating what your opinion is.

At the end of each Main Body paragraph, you need a clear concluding sentence. All your opinions/statements should be in the main body. Conclusion is where you sum up everything you have already mentioned.

You mustn’t express any new ideas in the conclusion.

Coherence & Cohesion


From your topic sentence to the supporting statements to the concluding sentence, you must let these flow.

Do not end a paragraph in the middle of an example.
No other major issues under this category. Your paragraphing needs to improve.

Lexical Resource


You use an adequate range of vocabulary including some idioms (broaden one’s horizon).

Keep up the good work. Pay attention to collocations: SOCIAL COHESION. These two words go together.
Do not use only COHERSION when you mean social cohesion. Do not add PERIOD OF to In the ancient time.
Incorrect use of collocations would lose your marks here.

Grammatical Range & Accuracy


You use a range of simple and complex sentence structures, however, the latter tend to contain grammatical mistakes.

Run the sentences through in your head first before you write them down.

Pay attention to your ARTILES: a, an, the, and there are times when you do not need an article. Mind your singular/plural nouns as well.

Total Score for Task 2



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